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2021 Events

 May 29

 July 24

 Catskill RV Resort

 Catskill RV Resort

 Contact me to book your own party!

 Party Sales

 $0 to $500

 $500 to $999

 $1000 +

 Rewards Credit

 $15 LWD + $15 SLC

 $30 LWD + $30 SLC

 $40 LWD + $40 SLC

My name is Lisa Wicker, and I am a jewelry and crochet artist from the Hudson Valley of New York, specializing in handmade Swarovski crystal and sterling silver jewelry. I design each and every piece with careful attention to detail and a strong emphasis on quality. My designs are stylish, versatile, and always wearable - no matter where your day takes you. 

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